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How To Transplant Vines

ALL PLANTS SHIPPED BY BOTTOMS NURSERY ARE FRESHLY DUG, GRADED, PRUNED AND READY TO PLANT. ONLY FIRST QUALITY PLANTS ARE SHIPPED. Upon receipt of the plants, the package should be opened immediately and examined to determine whether there has been any damage in transit. ( If vines and packaging is damaged contact the carrier as soon as possible, then call us.) Vines should be planted as soon as possible. If the ground has not been prepared or is too wet, the plants should be “heeled in” until the permanent location is ready. Vines exposed to the sun and wind dry out quickly and may be killed in only a few minutes. Heavy loss of plants may be expected if the roots are allowed to dry out. CAUTION: DO NOT LET PLANTS STAND IN WATER WHILE PLANTING IS IN PROGRESS, USE WET BURLAP OR ANOTHER TYPE OF CLOTH TO COVER THE VINES TO PREVENT DRYING OUT OF THE ROOTS. Good soil preparation is good insurance for livability and good growth. Muscadine grapes have shallow root systems and must not be planted more than eight inches deep. Digging holes with a mechanical auger, trencher, or backhoe is neither recommended nor desirable for planting Muscadine grapes. Use a shovel to dig the holes. Start digging the hole about one foot from the posts. Dig lengthwise from this point (directly under the wire) about eight inches deep, ten inches wide and long enough in which to straighten out the root. Grasp the vine at the “ground line” of the plant and drag it through the hole until the vine is at the exact location desired. All of the roots will be straightened out and run in one direction. DO NOT CUT OFF THE ROOTS, YOU WILL BE CUTTING OFF FUTURE GROWTH. Cover the roots with clean topsoil to a depth of three or four inches, water thoroughly or pack firmly. Finish filling the hole to ground level with clean topsoil. Lightly mulching over the new planted vines will help conserve moisture and keep weeds under control. < Back