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 Trellis Recommendations

We recommend a single wire trellis, which is simple to construct and maintain. The end posts should be at least seven inches in diameter and eight feet long, set three and one-half feet in the ground with a six and one-half foot post set six foot wide apart to make the brace as shown. Then take No. 9 wire and go from top to bottom and bottom to top diagonally, take a heavy stick and twist all wires together until brace is tight. The line posts should be at least four inches in diameter, six and one-half feet long and set two and a half feet in the ground (spaced twenty feet apart in the row). One strand of No. 9 smooth galvanized wire or barbless barbed wire is stretched form end post to post. The wire is then wrapped around the end posts and stapled. After the wire is stretched, staple the wire to the top of the line posts. A span of six hundred feet or thirty vines is the maximum safe stress load of No. 9 wire. Refer to the illustration which gives details and dimensions. Vines should be planted next to the first line post to support weight of plant and fruit. The vines should grow half of the length between each post. Several types of trellis have been used and recommended to various people and institutions. The oldest is the overhead arbor which consists of a framework supporting a solid canopy of canes; and is seldom used except for aesthetic or nostalgic reasons. The two wire (double curtain) trellis looks good and is desirable when the vineyard is young, but becomes less desirable as the vineyard reaches maturity. When the initial cost and interest on the investment is considered, the one wire trellis system proves to be the most practical and profitable type. < Back