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Terms and Conditions

Bareroot shipping season begins November 15th and lasts until April 1st. All orders requesting shipment before November 15th and after March 20th will have all guarantees voided (Dates may vary according to weather conditions). A twenty-five percent deposit is required on all orders to be held for delivery after February 1st. TERMS – We only accept cash and credit cards for payment unless credit arrangements are made before shipment. Net 30 days, no C.O.D. orders.  All accounts past 30 days subject to 1 ½ % interest monthly or 18% annually. A $25.00 fee will be charged for all returned checks. We accept the following credit cards - MasterCard, Visa GUARANTEE – We exercise the greatest care possible to keep all varieties true to name, but should an error occur we will replace such stock or refund purchase price upon proper proof but in no case will we be liable for more than amount of invoice. All orders are accepted contingent upon labor, strikes, hail, frost, fire and from any other cause beyond our control, and we will not be liable on account of shortage of plants on order should same occur. Any complaint must be made in writing to us within five days after receipt of shipment. Our responsibility ceases upon delivery to the transportation company. We give no warranty (expressed or implied) as to the productivity or quality of products produced from any nursery stock, seeds, bulbs, or plants we sell. SHIPPING – Please give full shipping instructions with each order; otherwise we will use our best judgment. All stock will be shipped bare-root, packed in sphagnum or peat moss, and wrapped in polyethylene. The best quality packing materials available are used to insure the delivery of the plants in good condition. CONTAINER PLANTS – Plants grown in container may be planted at any time, provided they are adequately watered. Container grown plants may be picked up at the nursery at any time, or can be shipped by parcel postal service, however, their will be an increase in shipping costs due to extra packaging weight.