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How To Plant A Vineyard

When the vineyard site has been selected, determine the best direction for laying out the rows in relation to the contour of the land. Rows should be as straight as possible. The trellis is very difficult to maintain on the contour. Roads should be planned before the vineyard is planted. It is essential that space be provided at the ends of the rows so there is sufficient room for turning equipment. We recommend twenty-five to thirty feet at the end of the row. Rows should be twelve feet apart and vines should be twenty feet apart in the row. This spacing gives the most efficient use of the land and requires one hundred eighty plants per acre. When female varieties are used, we recommend that self-fertile varieties be planted every other row or in every second row. Self- fertile varieties should be planted at least with in sixty feet of female plants so that good pollination will occur. When only self-fertile varieties are used, we recommend that every third row be a different self-fertile variety. This is because the pollen from any self-fertile variety is more viable on any other variety than on its own blooms. The pollen from any self-fertile variety is also viable on any female bloom. < Back