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How To Fertilize Muscadine Grapes

The most important years in the life of a vineyard are the first two. Treatment during these two years can determine the productivity of the vineyard for years to come. Production is retarded for many years on vines which are allowed to become stunted. Through our experimental work we have found the following fertilizing recommendations highly satisfactory. For the first and second years use 10-10-10 complete fertilizer (which minor and trace elements added) applied in light broadcast applications, alternate with ammonium nitrate. These applications should be about a month apart, beginning when growth starts and continuing no later than August 1 st . Frequent light applications of fertilizer on young plants are more desirable than one heavy application. The first year the vines should grow up to the wire and start out along the wire. The second year the vines should have grown out to the posts, and be ready to start producing. The third year, fruit production is the desired objective. Now is the time to change from a vegetative growth schedule to a fruit producing program. One application of 5-10-15 < Back